Watch Samsung’s latest Galaxy Unpacked event with us at 10AM ET

Samsung is on the cusp of its third Galaxy Unpacked event of 2021, and it won’t surprise you to hear that the company would like you to tune in. via Technology and News Today

How Pixar created Luca’s adorable, transforming sea monsters

Luca, the next feature film from Pixar, is a coming-of-age story about a pair of unassuming young boys who carry a big secret, as they’re actually sea monsters. Luca and Alberto appear as human on land, where they explore a quaint Italian seaside village. via Technology and News Today

Apple’s iPhone 12 and Mac sales skyrocket despite ongoing pandemic

Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup maintained enormously strong demand from consumers from January through March, according to the company’s fiscal Q2 earnings posted today. Apple reported record March quarter revenue of $89.6 billion, up 54 percent year over year. via Technology and News Today

Amazon’s pay raise for over 500,000 workers comes at an interesting time

Amazon has announced that over 500,000 of its workers will get a permanent increase in their hourly wages starting in mid-May, from as low as an additional 50 cents an hour to as much as three extra dollars per hour (via GeekWire). That’s a substantial chunk of its 1. via Technology and News Today