Scientists have discovered X-rays coming from Uranus

Uranus is emitting X-rays, and scientists want to take a closer look. via Technology and News Today

Intel accidentally uses MacBook Pro in ad for its new processor

Facepalm: If there’s one thing companies want to avoid, it’s unintentionally promoting a competitor in one of their ads. Intel, it seems, has failed to heed this advice. via Technology and News Today

Samsung Galaxy S21 phones have lost half their value since January, study says

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, launched at the end of January, have already lost around half of their value, according to a study published Wednesday by Sell Cell, a site that lets you sell your used phone. via Technology and News Today

Google’s Nest Thermostat is the cheapest it’s ever been

Google launched a new Nest Thermostat last fall to mark the tenth anniversary of the smart temperature control range. The sleek device came in a more compact package complete with an all-new touch sensitive edge and elegant mirrored display. via Technology and News Today

Google’s Phone app can automatically record calls from unknown numbers

Google quietly added call recording to its Phone app last year with a bunch of restrictions based on your device and region. Now, it’s expanding the feature to let you record calls automatically from unknown numbers. via Technology and News Today

Hasbro’s new $700 Optimus Prime toy can finally transform all on its own

Transformers are some of the most iconic toys around — an action figure and a car! All in one! A true bargain! But as modern Transformers toys have gotten more complex, they have also become an absolutely huge pain to actually transform from car to robot and back again, often requiring multiple sh via Technology and News Today