Research shows Google collects 20x more data from Android than Apple collects from iOS

Tech companies have been talking more about privacy in recent years, and Apple proudly says that it protects user data more than anyone else. via Technology and News Today

Netflix lays out plans to slash its greenhouse gas emissions

Netflix set out goals today to limit the damage the company does to the climate. By the end of 2022, it wants to reach “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions. That means it plans to reduce some of its emissions and find ways to offset or capture the rest. via Technology and News Today

Flying taxi startup Lilium goes public via SPAC, unveils its new electric aircraft

Germany’s Lilium will be the latest electric aviation startup to go public via a reverse merger with a special acquisition company, or SPAC. Lilium will merge with Qell Acquisition, a SPAC founded by former General Motors executive Barry Engle. via Technology and News Today

Google’s new experimental app can scan and categorize your documents

Area 120, Google’s internal startup incubator, wants to give you a better way to scan documents with your phone. Stack, its newest experimental app, uses the company’s enterprise-grade DocAI technology to analyze and categorize your documents intelligently. via Technology and News Today