The Best Mirrorless Cameras in 2021

Given all the choices when it comes to a new camera, it can be quite an ordeal to research and decide on just one. While it mostly depends on what you need as a photographer. via Technology and News Today

Underwater Photographer Discovers Big Green Turtle

In this video, a green turtle grazes on the ocean floor at Abu Dabbab Bay. Adult green sea turtles are herbivores. The jaw is serrated to help the turtle easily chew its primary food source—seagrasses and algae. Credit: ‘Sellamoment’ via ‘Sh0fer’ via Technology and News Today

Disney+ will start shooting ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ in April

Disney+ is finally ready to start production on its streaming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, if a little later than you might have expected. Filming for the “special event” Star Wars show is now due to start in April (a month later than star Ewan McGregor claimed), according to Disney. via Technology and News Today

Disney+ and ESPN+ are coming to Comcast Xfinity set-top boxes

Comcast’s Xfinity X1 and Flex subscribers are getting access to two more major streaming services through their set-top boxes. Disney+ will arrive on the platforms in the next few days. ESPN+ is now available on Flex through the ESPN app, and it should hit X1 in the coming weeks. via Technology and News Today

I shed a single happy tear for the big boat

The boat is unstuck. If you’ve been following the news, you know exactly the boat and exactly how stuck it was: the Evergreen Marine Corporation’s Ever Given cargo ship has been stuck across the Suez Canal for the last six days, disrupting billions of dollars in global trade. via Technology and News Today

What’s In My Bag: This Is How Extreme Macro Is Done!

Mika Geiger (@mika.geiger) is a photographer based in Austin, Texas. Most of her work has been in travel and editorial photography, but for the past year she has concentrated on macro/close-up photography of insects and other tiny creatures. via Technology and News Today–an-extreme-macro-photographers-one-camera–one-lens-combination/