Mars orbiter captures stunning image of planet’s frosty dunes

NASA’s Perseverance rover is getting all the attention just now, together with the Ingenuity helicopter that’s about to take flight on the red planet. via Technology and News Today

Dead Power Grid Revived with Solar and Wind, Not Diesel

It turned into a real-world test. Rising amounts of renewable energy will reduce greenhouse gases, but engineers worry about restoring wind- and solar-rich grids after blackouts. via Technology and News Today

Google is testing Memory, an upgrade for Assistant to ‘save and find everything’

Google is reportedly working on a new feature for Assistant called Memory, a combination of a to-do list, a notes app, a Pocket-like reading list, and Pinterest-style collection board into a single overarching digital locker integrated into the broader Google Assistant app. via Technology and News Today

Google’s new alliance wants to get digital keys, mobile IDs working on Android

Since 2018, all of Google’s Pixel phones have included a Titan M chip. It’s what’s known as a Secure Element (SE). Separate from your phone’s processor, it does things like store encryption keys and validates the operating system. via Technology and News Today

Area-codeless local calls will largely go away in October — but for a good reason

In many places, you can call up a neighbor or local pizza parlor just by dialing seven numbers, as long as you have the same area code — but that ability will soon be going away, in order to make the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline easier to reach. via Technology and News Today