Meet Gen C, the Covid generation

Natalie Sanchez heard it in her children’s voices when their birthday parties were canceled and saw it on their faces when they couldn’t play with friends. CNN’s Alisha Ebrahimji and Janelle Davis contributed to this report. via Technology and News Today

Biden To Address The Nation, Marking 1 Year Of Coronavirus Pandemic

President Biden will address the nation Thursday evening to mark the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic, remember the people who have been lost and to introduce the next phase of his administration’s COVID-19 response. via Technology and News Today

These new 3D-printed homes in Austin are going for $450K

When it showed off its 3D-printed homes at the South by Southwest festival back in 2018, Austin-based construction technology company ICON told The Verge its Vulcan printer could create an 800-square-foot structure for about $10,000. via Technology and News Today

Best tech gadgets for 2021: cool stuff that’s worth buying

What’s the best tech gadget for 2021? It’s hard to say because technology changes so fast. So the best tech gadgets coming this year are probably way more advanced than the ones we have now. But there are a few things that are almost guaranteed to be staple gadgets. via Technology and News Today

Electric Cars Are Coming. How Long Until They Rule the Road?

Around the world, governments and automakers are focused on selling newer, cleaner electric vehicles as a key solution to climate change. Yet it could take years, if not decades, before the technology has a drastic effect on greenhouse gas emissions. via Technology and News Today

Getting Landscapes Sharp: Hyperfocal Distances and Aperture Selection

An important element of landscape photography is ensuring that all of the key elements within your composition are sharp. This can often include foreground objects that are a matter of meters from your camera as well as background elements that can be kilometres away. via Technology and News Today