Google Fit’s camera-based heart and breathing rate trackers arrive March 8th

Google will start rolling out the Fit app’s camera-based heart and respiratory rate trackers on Monday, March 8th. The tech giant first revealed the new features, which rely on the power of a phone’s camera, at a Health event in early February. via Technology and News Today

FedEx plans for an all-electric delivery fleet by 2040

FedEx will replace its current delivery trucks with electric models until its entire fleet is made up of zero—emission vehicles by 2040. The company is making the transition as a way to help it achieve its goal to reach carbon neutral status in the same year. via Technology and News Today

One of the oldest frescoes in Pompeii has undergone a dramatic restoration

The house is an example of an ancient dwelling of the late Samnite period (2nd century BC). The fresco had faded with time, and its vividness was restored to reveal a hunting scene. It features wild animals alongside Egyptianised landscapes of the Nile Delta depicted on the side walls. via Technology and News Today

Justice League Trailer Reveals Multiple Superman Suits In Fortress of Solitude

A new Zack Snyder’s Justice League trailer teases the creation of Superman’s black suit. When Zack Snyder walked away from Justice League in 2017, the studio drastically changed his vision. Fans campaigned for years to see his true version of the movie, and HBO Max answered the call in 2020. via Technology and News Today