Cinemagic permanently closing all theaters, including 3 in NH

kAmt2C=:6C[ +J24@CA t?E6CE2:?>6?E @77:4:2=D D2:5 E96 4@>A2?J H2D @?=J E6>A@C2C:=J 4=@D:?8 2== =@42E:@?D F?E:= DAC:?8 5F6 E@ E96 4@C@?2G:CFD A2?56>:4]k^Am kAm“%9:D 😀 ;FDE 2? :?E6C>:DD:@? 2?5 H6 =@@>F?:EJ 282:? 😕 DAC:?8[” +J24@CA t?E6CE2:?>6?E D2:5 😕 2 DE2E6>6?E @? via Technology and News Today

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