Month: October 2019

Slow iPhone sales didn’t stop Apple from its best Q4 revenue ever

Apple today reported its fiscal fourth quarter 2019 earnings, which saw the company earn a record $64 billion in revenue. The news reflects the general trend with Apple over the past year: iPhone sales are down, but service revenue hit an all-time high. Continue Reading . . .

Twitter will ban all political advertising starting in November

Twitter is banning all political ads globally, starting November 22nd, according to tweets by the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday. The changes will affect both candidate ads and issue ads, although ads encouraging voter registration will still be allowed, along with other exceptions. Continue Reading . . .

How to find your Apple Watch

Even the best of us can occasionally misplace an item. Even something like the Apple Watch, which is usually safe on your wrist, can be lost. You come home from a run, pull off your watch and drop it — somewhere in the living room. Continue Reading . . . […]