KnowRoaming eSIM lets you roam in Europe and the US

KnowRoaming’s new eSIM lets travelers in the United States and Europe add a new roaming SIM to their late-model iPhone or iPad, just by scanning a barcode.

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Huawei lays off two thirds of its US research division

The rumors of Huawei laying off a large chunk of its US staff have come to pass. The company is cutting over 600 of the 850 jobs at its Futurewei Technologies research wing in the country in response to the “curtailment of business operations” by the US government’s trade blacklisting.

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New York City bill could make selling phone location data illegal

New York City could become the first city in the country to ban the sale of geolocation data to third parties. A bill introduced today would make it illegal for cellphone and mobile app companies to sell location data collected in the city.

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