Editorial: Stonewall, 50 years and a day

The story goes like this: the people were screaming, begging the cops to let them go, pleading that an arrest would devastate their lives. People were trying to escape the paddy wagon, but they were pushed and packed in, while the doors were being closed.

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Jony Ive made the entire tech world care about design

I love industrial design and have for as long as I can remember. As a child, I broke my dad’s Braun electric razor playing with the dial that raised and lowered the blades because the action was so cool and “clicky.” At school, I dreamed of being either a product designer or an architect.

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Woman Gives Birth At Pink Concert, Names Baby Girl After Singer

With the help of two on-site medics, Denise Jones, 32, welcomed a baby girl while the singer was performing in England at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium on Tuesday night. The mother has since named her newborn daughter Dolly Pink in tribute to the singer. 

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Google Maps can predict how crowded your train or bus will be

Public transit is vital for countless people, but no one wants to be stuck on a subway train or bus that’s jam-packed. To help you figure out how busy your ride is going to be, you’ll soon see predictions to that end in Google Maps.

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