33 Celebrities You’ll Never Look At The Same Way Again

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the wildest celebrity facts they know. Here are the best results. 1. Megan Mullally was fired from her role in Finding Nemo for refusing to do her high-pitched Karen Walker voice from Will and Grace. 2. Betty White is older than sliced bread. 3.

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YouTube Device Report

With support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), you’ll see videos that are richer in detail, with true-to-life colors. HDR capabilities allow a phone to display greater contrast, so you can see details of a videos, whether that scene is shot in the dark, or bright light.

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Should you buy a Surface Dial for your Surface Pro 6?

Best answer: Honestly, probably not. While the Surface Dial is a nifty accessory for artists, it’s best used with devices with more screen real estate like the 15-inch Surface Book or the Surface Studio. The smaller display on the Pro 6 makes it a little tough to use.

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Agazzi’s commuter backpack is over-engineering done right

I was skeptical of the Agazzi urban backpack when my colleague and fellow bag nerd, Vlad Savov, linked me to its Kickstarter. Why in the hell would anyone need a bag with a fingerprint lock or internal and external lights, I thought, and why should they risk “buying” it via crowdfunding?

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Buy Outlook : Microsoft Store

Description With Outlook, you can quickly connect and share files with the people and groups that matter most. Simplify your life with tools that help you take control of your email and schedule. Find important information fast so you can make decisions even faster.

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