Disney now owns 21st Century Fox, X-Men, and most of Hulu

After more than a year of working to get final approval, Disney’s lengthy process of acquiring 21st Century Fox is finally done.

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Watch Google’s GDC 2019 event in 14 minutes

Earlier today at GDC 2019, Google officially revealed Stadia, a game-streaming service that will be available later this year in US, Canada, the UK and Europe.

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Solar Jets Cause Standing Waves in Earth’s Magnetic Field

When jets of charged particles from the sun hit our magnetosphere, some of the ensuing ripples travel towards the north and southern poles and get reflected back. The resulting interference allows standing waves to form, like on a drumhead.

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Google will shut down its Inbox app on April 2nd

Google+ isn’t the only Mountain View property that’s getting the axe on April 2nd. Apparently, the Inbox app is also bidding its users farewell on the same day. The tech giant first revealed that it’s going to discontinue its smarter take on email late last year, but it didn’t say when specifically.

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