Lenovo unveils its thinnest and lightest professional notebook, Lenovo’s Thinkpad range has long offered solutions for power users with notebooks like the X1 Carbon. Its Thinkpad P series aimed to preserve functionality in a slimmer overall package, and the Thinkpad P1 and Thinkpad P72 — its two latest laptops -…Read More →


Russian treasure ship: Police say cryptocurrency scam may be behind $190 billion claim, Russian treasure ship: Police say cryptocurrency scam may be behind $190 billion claim  NEWS.com.au Full coverage , Continue reading . . . , , https://news.google.com/news/rss/headlines/section/q/cryptocurrency/cryptocurrency?ned=us&hl=en&gl=US, cryptocurrency – Google News, Google News , https://ssl.gstatic.com/news-static/gnrss.png, ,Read More →

Android exploit targeted apps’ shoddy use of external storage , Many mobile security flaws revolve around obvious avenues like websites or deep, operating system-level exploits. The security team at Check Point, however, has discovered another path: apps that make poor use of external storage like SD cards. Whi… , ContinueRead More →

Elaborate hack turned Amazon Echo speakers into spies, Some people worry that hackers could infiltrate their smart speakers and spy on them, but that hasn’t been the practical reality — not for Amazon’s Echo, at least. A team of researchers from China’s Tencent has come about as close as youRead More →

Material with eagle-like grasp could lead to grippier robot hands, Most materials bulge out when you squeeze them, pushing the energy outside. But that’s not always what you want — wouldn’t it sometimes be better for them to collapse and hold the energy inside? These exotic materials (known as auxetics)Read More →

Machine learning can ‘fingerprint’ programmers , Programmers tend to have their own distinct styles, but it’s not really feasible to pore over many lines of code looking for telltale cues about a program’s author. Now, that might not be necessary. Researchers have developed a machine learning syste… , Continue readingRead More →

Google may bring Windows 10 support to multiple Chromebooks, You might not have to splurge on a Pixelbook if you’re pining after a Chromebook with Windows 10 support. XDA-Developers has learned through source code that Campfire, the feature that would let Chrome OS dual-boot Windows 10, would be available in…Read More →

New type of bed net could help fight against malaria, A new type of bed net could prevent millions of cases of malaria, according to new research. , Continue reading . . . , , https://www.sciencedaily.com/rss/top/environment.xml, Top Environment News — ScienceDaily, Top stories featured on ScienceDaily’s Plants & Animals, EarthRead More →

Destiny 2 is a game with many complicated systems, and few of them are explained within the experience itself. The infusion system is one of the most opaque ones, so we’re going to teach you how to use it to get the highest level possible. But there’s much to understandRead More →

‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ may skip PS4 due to cross-play ban , Sony’s ban on cross-play for PS4 titles may create more than just inconveniences for some gamers. Bethesda’s senior global marketing VP Pete Hines told Game Informer in an interview that the console version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends won’tRead More →

Tesla may get help from Saudi Arabia in its bid to go private, Tesla may recruit an unusual ally in its effort to become a private company and take more control over its fate. A Bloomberg source has claimed that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is in talks that couldRead More →

There’s a good chance you’ve had to ask your carrier for a SIM swap, whether it’s to replace a faulty card or to switch to another size (say, from micro SIM to nano SIM). Crooks, however, are increasingly abusing those swaps to steal from unsuspecting cellphone users. Continue Reading .Read More →

Boosting levels of the chemical messenger serotonin makes mice that model autism more social, according to a study published in Nature. The study suggests the approach may do the same in people with autism. Continue Reading . . . https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/serotonin-revived-as-a-possible-target-for-autism-treatments/Read More →

Intel’s first 9th-generation Core processors may arrive October 1st , Intel is still struggling to make 10-nanometer chips, but it might still have a few surprises up its 14nm sleeve. WCCFTech claims to have leaked data revealing that Intel will launch its 9th-generation Core desktop processors on October 1st, startin…Read More →

NASA launches Parker Solar Probe in mission to ‘touch’ the Sun , After a few delays, the Sun-chasing Parker Solar Probe is on its way. NASA launched the spacecraft aboard a ULA Delta IV Heavy rocket at 3:31AM Eastern this morning (August 12th) and confirmed that the vessel was healthyRead More →