Now PS Vue subscribers can get FX’s ad-free service , FX’s $6-per-month ad-free subscription service FX+ lets viewers watch the network’s shows ahead of their air date, and last week, they opened it up to all cable customers. But what if you’ve already cut the cord? If you opted toRead More →


Cryptocurrency insecurity: IOTA, BCash and too many more, Cryptocurrency insecurity: IOTA, BCash and too many more  TechCrunch Full coverage , Continue reading . . . , ,, cryptocurrency – Google News, Google News ,, ,Read More →

‘God of War’s’ New Game+ arrives on August 20th , You may want to hold off on replaying God of War for the umpteenth time, at least for the next few days. Sony is rolling out New Game+ on August 20th, giving your next round of mythological father-and-son bonding newRead More →

Anne Frank Center asks Facebook to remove Holocaust denial pages, The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is calling out Facebook for allowing Holocaust denial pages on its site. And the center is doing so through a petition in which it’s requesting Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg take them down.Read More →

Primate study offers clues to evolution of speech, New research examining the brains and vocal repertoires of primates offers important insight into the evolution of human speech. , Continue reading . . . , ,, Top Environment News — ScienceDaily, Top stories featured on ScienceDaily’s Plants & Animals, EarthRead More →

Wearable ‘microbrewery’ saves human body from radiation damage , The same way that yeast yields beer and bread can help hospital lab workers better track their daily radiation exposure, enabling a faster assessment of tissue damage that could lead to cancer. , Continue reading . . . , ,,Read More →

Why do some microbes live in your gut while others don’t? , Researchers have developed a new computational approach to identify the genes that may be important to help microbes live successfully in the human gut. , Continue reading . . . , ,, Top Environment News — ScienceDaily,Read More →

Ebola virus experts discover powerful, new approach for future therapeutics, A one-two punch of powerful antibodies may be the best way to stop Ebola virus, reports an international team of scientists. , Continue reading . . . , ,, Top Environment News — ScienceDaily, Top stories featured on ScienceDaily’sRead More →

L’Oreal is bringing AR makeup demos to Instagram , L’Oreal and Facebook want a piece of the excitement surrounding augmented reality this week too. The pair have partnered for virtual try-ons for makeup using the tech, according to Reuters. Where will it show up? On Instagram, naturally, where beauti… ,Read More →

Alexa’s intercom-like announcements arrive on Sonos One and Beam , One of the more useful features of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is the ability to create custom recordings and use them as announcements for your entire network of Alexa-enabled connected speakers. Now, Sonos is getting the feature, too: announceme… ,Read More →

Microsoft threatened to unplug Gab over anti-Semitic posts, After Milo Yiannopoulos got banned from Twitter, he and his followers moved to Gab, a social network priding itself on free speech that has become popular with conservatives and the alt-right. But it appears the platform’s hosting provider Microsoft… , Continue readingRead More →

Watch Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 event in 12 minutes , Samsung wasn’t holding back at its Unpacked event. The centerpiece was clearly the Galaxy Note 9, but it had a veritable onslaught of announcements beyond that. The Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Home smart speaker and a two-device wireless charger were on…Read More →

Alexa will soon be available in even more cars, Amazon is giving more automakers access to the tools needed to integrate Alexa into their vehicles’ infotainment systems. The company released its Alexa Auto software development kit today, making the tools accessible to all developers via GitHub. In… , Continue readingRead More →

Facebook nixes Friend List Feeds, but Friend Lists live on, Facebook has been culling various features that take it away from its new “back to basics” emphasis on people over brands. It ended its Explore Feed test after it found that not many people liked splitting their news feed. NowRead More →

Does Samsung’s Galaxy Home stand a chance? , After more than a year of rumors and vague comments from Samsung leadership, the Galaxy Home, Samsung’s Bixby-powered smart speaker, is finally official. Sort of. Samsung briefly showed off the device at today’s Galaxy Note 9 launch event in Brooklyn… , ContinueRead More →