iOS 12 developer beta points to bezel-less iPad with FaceID, Last year, early iOS leaks gave us a preview of the eventual iPhone X and some details on Apple’s HomePod speaker. Now, 9to5Mac points out an icon in the iOS 12 developer beta that seems to show an iPad designRead More →


Congress passes data security bill for small businesses, The US government doesn’t have the strongest cybersecurity policy right now, but there’s at least some progress on that front beyond what’s happening at security agencies. The US Senate has passed its version of the NIST Small Business Cybersecurity… , Continue readingRead More →

Naked mole-rats defy conventions of aging and reproduction, Naked mole-rats live in colonies of two breeders and around 300 non-breeding workers. Although the breeding pair carries the metabolic cost of reproduction and, in the queen’s case, lactation, they live longer than non-breeders and remain fertile throughout their lives. Researchers investigatedRead More →

Uber and Lyft hoped ‘rainy day’ fund would relax NYC regulations , Ridesharing companies really, really don’t like the thought of New York City capping their services and otherwise instituting new regulations. To that end, they recently tried a drastic measure: making a charity offer in return for concessions. Lyf…Read More →

Boston Man Accused of Stealing At Least $2 Million in Cryptocurrency, Hacking Tech Execs’ Phones , Boston Man Accused of Stealing At Least $2 Million in Cryptocurrency, Hacking Tech Execs’ Phones  NECN Former Boston valedictorian accused of stealing $5 million in cryptocurrency scheme Former valedictorian accused of stealing cryptocurrency ‘TELL YOURRead More →

Tesla is adding classic Atari games to its cars, Tesla isn’t limiting its fun-oriented EV updates to its upcoming party mode. Elon Musk has promised that “some of the best” Atari games will be playable in Tesla cars as part of a version 9.0 software update coming in roughly fourRead More →

Researchers tap AI for more efficient road maintenance, Potholes are a nuisance pretty much everywhere and the methods traditionally used to keep track of them aren’t terribly efficient. Whether it be driving around to visually inspect roads or watching videos of streets to spot and prioritize the repair… , ContinueRead More →

The Versa smartwatch is saving Fitbit, There’s little doubt that Fitbit’s Versa smartwatch has sold well, but apparently it’s selling so well that it might just dig the company out of its financial hole. Alongside its latest earnings, Fitbit provided a rosy outlook indicating that it exp… , Continue readingRead More →

Nintendo’s NES Classic outsold Xbox One and PS4 in June , June was a pretty great month for Nintendo, as it was the month’s top-selling games publisher; Mario Tennis Aces was the biggest-selling title even without counting its digital sales. And, because we’ll never not want to play Super MarioRead More →

New dinosaur found in the wrong place, at the wrong time, Researchers have discovered a new dinosaur which roamed the Ningxia Autonomous Region, northwest China, approximately 174 million years ago. This is in a place they were never thought to roam and 15 million years earlier than this type ofRead More →

Tesla aims to make 10,000 Model 3 cars per week in 2019, Now that Tesla is finally making over 5,000 Model 3 cars per week, it’s eager to move to the next production goal… and it knows it needs to pick up the pace. As part of its second quarterRead More →

CBS plans local news streaming starting in NYC and LA, While CBS’ board investigates its CEO for sexual misconduct, the company continues to move forward with its day to day business. Say hello to CBSN Local, a streaming news service that will show anchored local news coverage to major marketsRead More →

Apple may come pretty darn close to finally topping a trillion dollar market valuation Wednesday. The stock price needs to clear $203.45 per share to hit the historic milestone. Continue Reading . . . More →

Fishing fleets travelling further to catch fewer fish, Industrial fishing fleets have doubled the distance they travel to fishing grounds since 1950, which means that they are now able to reach 90 percent of the global ocean, but are catching only a third of what they did 65 years agoRead More →

Troubled waters: Wealthy nations are responsible for almost all of trackable industrial fishing across the global oceans, As the global population booms, equitable access to healthy food sources is more important than ever. But a new study shows that wealthy countries’ industrial fishing fleets dominate the global oceans. This skewRead More →