Huawei supplants Apple as the second largest smartphone seller, While Huawei was already a smartphone giant, analyst numbers released today show that in the last quarter it sold more smartphones than any company in the world other than Samsung. IDC and Strategy Analytics found that smartphone sales slowed overall… ,Read More →


Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica woes continue with UK lawsuits , Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica troubles are far from over and a new class action lawsuit over the scandal might be on the way. Wired reports today that a group of UK residents has sent the company a letter before claim, in whichRead More →

Neato robot vacuum can map multiple floors of your home, Robot vacuums can frequently map a floor of your home to clean without much fuss. But if you aren’t living in an apartment or bungalow, you probably have multiple floors — where’s the robovac for that? Neato thinks it canRead More →

Tesla ‘party and camper mode’ turns EVs into tailgating machines , Teslas are nothing if not giant batteries on wheels, so it would only make sense if you could use the battery for something other than getting from A to B, wouldn’t it? You will soon. Elon Musk has teasedRead More →

Leak provides early details for Trump’s proposed Space Force , Congress is still a long way off from greenlighting Trump’s proposed Space Force, but that isn’t stopping the Pentagon from outlining plans for the new military branch. Defense One has obtained a leaked draft proposal that reveals some of theRead More →

2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera first drive review: Beast mode – Roadshow, Aston Martin’s latest is a 715-horsepower bruiser with the kind of looks and performance to make even the most practical of car buyers a little weak in the knees. , Continue reading . . . Tim Stevens, ,Read More →

Seattle judge blocks release of designs for 3D-printed guns, Today U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik granted a temporary restraining order sought by eight state attorneys general to block the sale of designs for 3D-printed guns. Based on a settlement between Defense Distributed and the US Department of State,… , ContinueRead More →

Apple Pay comes to 7-Eleven and CVS later in 2018, Apple Pay is making its way to two of its fiercest opponents. As part of Apple’s financial results call, Tim Cook revealed that both 7-Eleven and CVS would introduce support for the tap-to-pay service (and, by extension, equivalents like GoogleRead More →

Facebook could take on with singing-focused Talent Show, If you’ve been pining for a new way to show off your singing chops, you’re in luck. Facebook is apparently developing a new show that will have users record their performances and send them in as an audition. According to researcherRead More →

23andMe, Ancestry and others agree to genetic privacy guidelines, A number of genetic testing companies, including 23andMe and Ancestry, have signed onto a set of guidelines that aim to address consumer privacy concerns, the Washington Post reports. The privacy best practices, drafted alongside the Future of Privac… , Continue readingRead More →

Turing’s newest phone is even more ridiculous than its last , Turing may have gone bankrupt without shipping a single unit of its much-hyped smartphone, but that isn’t stopping it from promising another handset. The company has unveiled the HubblePhone (yes, named after the space telescope), and it’s even more…Read More →

At Panorama, art exists for the sake of the ’gram, Three years ago, when Panorama debuted in New York, it featured a tech-infused art exhibit area in addition to its musical lineup. I wondered: Who would go to a music festival to check out VR art or light installations? TheRead More →

Facebook’s app will personalize navigation to fit your social habit , Facebook adds new features on the regular. It has recently revamped its Marketplace section, made its news feed more friend-focused and changed algorithms to reduce fake news and clickbait. Now, Facebook is redesigning the navigation bar in its mobil…Read More →

Do spiders have a favorite color?, Scientists recently discovered the aptly named peacock jumping spiders have the color vision needed to appreciate the male’s gaudy display. Now biologists are studying whether that ability translates to the more humdrum-looking wolf spiders that are muted browns and tans instead of electric blue,Read More →

Our first look at Sony’s Bravia Master Series 4K TVs , With its latest premium TVs, the Bravia Master Series, Sony has one goal: To bring home the experience of watching a professional-grade studio monitor. The OLED A9F and the LED-based Z9F sets are Sony’s most advanced yet, thanks toRead More →