#DJI customers in increasing numbers are having an issue where their #Phantom 4 RF Controller won’t charge. No Fix Yet

“So, I’ve owned the phantom 4 for about a month now, and today when I was supposed to go out flying, I noticed my remote wasn’t fully charged, so i decided to charge it. I didn’t think anymore of it, and when I returned after a while the battery percent was at 54% but it had stopped charging. So i replugged the charger and it indicated it charger for about 30 seconds and then it stopped. This happened every time i tried to charge it. So then I started reading about the problem on the internet, and it was suggested that if the battery wouldnt fully charge, try to discharge it to under 20% and then”  … https://forum.dji.com/thread-72853-1-1.htmlhttp://buff.ly/2v4U28T




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