The public ties between Putin, Exxon, trump and the sanctions on Russia

The public ties between Putin, Exxon, trump and the sanctions on Russia – by Michael Paixão

Why appoint Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and what is the reasons for Russia’s interference in the US elections?

Money is the driving force in the world. Oil is big money and has been for some time. Regardless of the environmental impact the world is married to fossil fuels. There is alternative energy however at this time it’s not as lucrative as fossil fuels so any legislature to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy is met with armies of lobbyists in order to stymie its adoption.

The Obama administration had started the ball rolling towards the adoption of alternative energy but this has come to a stop under Trump’s Presidency. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) funding has already been halted. This was done in response to Trumps position the Climate Change is a hoax. By slowing the “alternative energy” movement this also eliminates competition for oil and fossil fuels.

Trump invited Rex Tillerson, the Exxon CEO, to be the Secretary of State. There is controversy as to Mr. Tillerson’s qualifications since he has only had one job in his lifetime.

Putin and Rex Tillerson of Exxon had drafted a deal, a record breaking deal for oil exploration partnership between Exxon and the Russian government’s oil company, Rosneft. Exxon leases a staggering 63.7 million acres of Russian land where the oil is. This deal is about five hundred billion dollars. This is a massive payoff that could put Exxon on top again.

Rex Tillerson is no longer the CEO while he serves as the Secretary of State but he does own stock, in 2006 he had 2.6 million shares of Exxon stock. This was channeled into a trust in order to avoid any conflict of interest with his current appointment.

Trump also has a stock portfolio including big oil, banks, foreign connections and more. Trump’s stock portfolio is estimated at a worth of $3.7 billion. Trump also holds stakes in a variety of multinational oil companies like Shell, Chevron and Exxon Mobil. I’m unclear if these are all signed over to his sons or if they were rolled into a trust as well for the duration of his Presidency.

The connections between Trump, Putin, Tillerson, Exxon and the sanctions on Russia. Big Oil and Big Money!

Once Trump lift the sanctions that $500 billion deal is back on. 

The people who stand to profit is clear. Have a President making executive orders that will line the pockets of the Trump administration, himself and many other wealthy people makes you wonder if this is an administration for “We the People..” or “My Myself and my Wall Street Buds!”.

Can someone please make renewable energy profitable?


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