Month: March 2015

XBOX ONE has selective hearing. – #xboxone

  Do you ever feel like you are being ignored? Well you ARE! My XboxOne seems to only listen when he wants to. Ah yes the calibration, been there done that. XboxOne still flips me the bird~! “Xbox on!” ……..wait Clear my throat, “Xbox on!” ………………..wait Shout, “XBOX ON!” Wife, […]

Smart Watches aren’t for Women!

Watches say something about you, it’s a style, a statement, an accessory for the perfect outfit or a watch can be an heirloom. For men buying a watch is far more simple than a lady. The traditional male styles have a much smaller variety than those for the fairer sex. […]

New News on the Apple Watch

Apps Tweeted As They Are Added Follow @watchaware Curious About Apple Watch Apps? WatchAware Provides Interactive Previews Cook teases ‘ton’ of Apple Watch announcements, including Panera Bread, Salesforce enterprise & fitness apps – –