! Yes,  I’m getting the Apple Watch but these prices are stupid. (and I’m not even talking about the gold) Steel or aluminum shouldn’t break $600 with the band. Any of them. Period!      1K for a steel watch and link band is retarded.      Apple justRead More →


POLL! Which Apple Watch is your Favorite! You can vote once per week What Apple Watch are you going to buy when it’s available? Are you wondering what is the most popular watch/size/band? Now you can find out! Please let us know what your choice is! Ask your friends toRead More →

  MixYourWatch.com has gone and done it! We can now build our own personalized apple watch and see what it will look like with our personal choice of watch, bands and colors! Brilliant!  I was hoping to see Apple.com do something like this! Thank you MixYourWatch.com  Great Job!  This is a screenshot.Read More →

ExMachina       Nathan invites Caleb to test Eva. Eva is… amazing, an AI that is self aware and provocative. Things however are not as they seem, with Nathan or Eva. The ratings are good, what do you think? IMDB “Are you attracted to me?” “What will happen to me todayRead More →

  Do you ever feel like you are being ignored? Well you ARE! My XboxOne seems to only listen when he wants to. Ah yes the calibration, been there done that. XboxOne still flips me the bird~! “Xbox on!” ……..wait Clear my throat, “Xbox on!” ………………..wait Shout, “XBOX ON!” Wife,Read More →

The new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will release in China, then the USA. This new sleek curvy glass device has captured our interest, not all of it good, more bad than good actually. The initial look has the wow factor but that wears off quick enough. There have been comparisons to thisRead More →

Watches say something about you, it’s a style, a statement, an accessory for the perfect outfit or a watch can be an heirloom. For men buying a watch is far more simple than a lady. The traditional male styles have a much smaller variety than those for the fairer sex.Read More →

There is a site you can look up smart watches, add them to be compaired and then get a great side-by-side view. specout.com. Here is a side-by-side sample with the Galaxy Gear by Samsung vs. Watch (42mm) by Apple One of the biggest issues with all smart watches is looks. Yes, in the battle ofRead More →

With everyone so focused on battery and the fact that you need an iPhone people lost sight of what the Apple Watch offers for functionality. The Apple watch has double the functionality of all the leading smart watches on the market now. This doesn’t include the apps being developed nowRead More →

Apps Tweeted As They Are Added Follow @watchaware http://watchaware.com/watch-apps Curious About Apple Watch Apps? WatchAware Provides Interactive Cook teases ‘ton’ of Apple Watch announcements, including Panera Bread, Salesforce enterprise & fitness apps http://9to5mac.com/2015/03/02/cook-teases-ton-of-apple-watch-announcements-including-panera-bread-salesforce-enterprise-fitness-apps/ – –Read More →

http://www.cnet.com/products/pebble-time-steel/      Plastic, I’ve never been a fan. Laptops, phones, tablets and watches that are plastic seem cheap to me regardless if it’s a screamer under the hood. So yes, I don’t like plastic. The Pebble Time in plastic as you can guess was not my choice howeverRead More →

      The iPad will fail! No one needs that! No one will spend that much money for that!  Boy were they ever wrong!!       The iPad was a want, not a need.  The iPad was simply a bigger iPhone. Why would you want that?!?  As itRead More →

Stop using the horrid sales  pitch of “beating Apple” with your new product!        You don’t compete against losers, you compete against winners or your betters.       You are also giving free publicity. Why is your tablet great?!? (Leave Apple out of it).       If youRead More →